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Kick 5000 Audi 5000 Album

Audi 5000 is my next body of work. It is full circle off the Just For Kickz 3 RTTW. I decided to switch the theme from Presidential 5K. Audi 5k is a monarch I grew to use over time.  The versatility, the wavering lyrics, the mesmerizing beats. Kick 5000 takes you through a journey of his life with his music. Chart-topping cuts like Trafficking, Deal Co. , Movie, Take it. These are just to name a few but the consistency in the album is amazing. 

Kick 5000 Just for Kickz 3 Road to the white house

jUST FOR KICKZ 3 THE road to the white house was released  August 8 2018.

This was my second major release. It has a sound of the strap for me. I was interested in writing music that sound like scores. Please click the cover of the link to listen .

Kick 5000 Just for kick 2 the campaign

Just for Kickz 2 the campaign is the first Album I released.  Early in my career before the skills matched with the beat selection. Before I had any melody in my raps. This is a bar for bar classic album.

Kick 5000  Blue dream nightmare Mixtape

Blue Dream Nightmare My second mixtape on the market. It is when I was at the height of simply rhyming the best words possible. 

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